The main goal of San Metal Human Resources Management and applications is to realize the works that will bring corporate-employee harmony to the highest level by providing a unique employee experience that gives individuals an objective and self-actualization, supports fair, continuous development, participation, high performance and diversity. Recruitment process is one of the most important of these applications.

All hiring activities within the scope of the San Metal’s recruitment process have been carried out in accordance with the qualifications and competencies specified at the San Metal’s Competency Manual prepared by a professional team and the task descriptions prepared separately for each position. The main strategy of our recruitment process is the idea of “the right person to work”. San Metal supports this idea with an accurate and effective team management approach.

The Basıc Stages Of Our Recruıtment Process Are As Follows

Süreç dahilinde; pozisyonun niteliğine ve genel gerekliliğe göre değişmekle birlikte, zihinsel beceri testleri, yabancı dil testleri ve vaka analizleri gibi uygulamalar söz konusu olmaktadır. Şirkete yeni katılan çalışanlarımızın hızla San Metal’e ve San Metal vizyonuna entegre olmalarını sağlamak için İşe Uyum Programı (Oryantasyon Programı) düzenlenir.